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Jamie Bell

an icon challenge community

Jamie Bell Icon Challenge
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Hello! and Welcome to jb_challenge!

This community is a jamie bell-themed icon challenge community.

R U L E S :
1. always use the picture provided, not a similar picture.
2. all submissions should not be posted elsewhere before the challenge is over.
3. submissions must be 100x100 pixels and under 40k.

S U B M I S S I O N S :
1. your submissions should always be to the post where the challenge is stated.
2. your post will always be screened, so only the maintainers can see them.
3. make sure you provide your submission in IMG SRC and URL form.

Image hosting by Photobucket

you may want to use a place like image shack or photobucket as an image host.
4. you have until 9pm est on friday to submit your entries.

V O T I N G :
1. do not vote for your icon. do not get anybody else to vote for your icon either.
2. you may only vote for 1 icon per challenge.
3. the winners of the challenge will be posted on wednesday.

O T H E R:
[DEADLINE] friday
[VOTING] saturday-tuesday
[WINNERS] winners will be posted on wednesday

A F F I L I A T E S:
_obsessionicons; _sunflower_daze; jamiebell_; graphixfix

if you would like to affiliate with us comment here!

if you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me, checkersfan8ror, @ theusedfreedom [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Your maintainers are checkersfan8ror, sunflower_daze_, andrew_is_love9, and ibejeska.